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Hi there. On request from people who also have informative Hemp pages, HempCyberFarm has decided to have a Links Page. Why not! We are not opposed at all to linking with other sites. This is after all, THE thing that makes Internet so powerful. There are many people on the net who still haven't discovered this. We want to show you that we do care about links. Everything pertaining to Hemp farming is on the HempCyberFarm pages in order to avoid getting off the subject. All other worthwile links about Hemp are on this page or show as links in the subject words/logos themselves! Some links:



Himalayan Hemp

Hemp Hotel Amsterdam

HempWorld, Inc.

Hungry Bear Hemp Foods

Kenex, Ltd. Canada; Hemp Processing & Grower

Natural Hemphasis

Hemp as an Industrial and Food Resource

Swiss Cannabis Pastilles

If you know of any good links to include on this page, please e-mail us at; Matthew@HempWorld.com

*Industrial-Hemp has no psychoactive properties following definition of the European Economic Community (EEC); THC content is less than 0.3%. In general, low THC-seed varieties without psychoactive properties are those that have a THC content of less than 1%. (See also No-THC Hemp-seed.) THC= Delta-9 TetraHydroCannabinol.

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